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Project Overview

The collection of accurate empirical data is a critically important foundation for social research. In the South Caucasus, however, reliable, up-to-date and accessible data on social, political and economic issues are often in short supply. The CRRC's priority is to provide and maintain access to reliable data, focusing on a wide range of demographic, social, economic and political variables related to the South Caucasus.

In 2004, CRRC began a coordinated data collection effort, The Caucasus Barometer (until 2010, known as The Data Initiative), to obtain comparable data on household composition, social and political attitudes, and practices across the South Caucasus. The 2004 survey was carried out only in the three capital cities; the 2005 survey also included one region in each country. Since 2006, the survey has been carried out based on a representative nationwide sample excluding territories affected by military conflicts.

The Caucasus Barometer survey runs annually in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia based on the same methodological approach and the same survey instrument. From the very beginning, the data collected by CRRC was meant to be open to all interested researchers and/or policymakers both from the region and from other parts of the world. 

NOTE: The CRRC's annual Data Initiative (DI) survey was renamed into Caucasus Barometer (CB) starting from 2010.