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CRRC blog

In November 2006, CRRC launched a blog. From Nairobi to Sydney and from Bishkek to Los Angeles, the blog now attracts a worldwide readership and is often picked up by other blogs. The blog aims to summarize research on the South Caucasus for those interested in the region who do not have enough time to read all of the fascinating research being done. The blog also provides insights and commentary we see here on the ground. We welcome your visit!

You can find the blog at:

CRRC - Armenia blog

CRRC-Armenia blog was launched in September 2007 with the aim to keep the social research community informed about the main activities of the center. It provides brief information about lectures, seminars and methodological trainings, embedding presentation files, photos and linking to articles, reports and databases.

You can find the CRRC-Armenia blog at: 

CRRC - Georgia blog (in Georgian)

CRRC-Georgia has launched a new blog in Georgian. The aim of the blog is to present the findings of CRRC's research, as well as answer questions about the social research methodology that the society might have. Anyone can visit the blog and receive detailed information about how CRRC’s research is being done. Additional questions and comments are appreciated. 

We welcome your visit to our blog at: