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Assessment of Social Capital in Georgia

Country: Georgia
Funder: World Learning/Georgia FORECAST program (funded by USAID)
Dates: November 2010 - January 2011

Project title: Assessment of Social Capital in Georgia 
Commissioned by World Learning/Georgia FORECAST program (funded by USAID/Georgia) 
Date: November 2010 - January 2011 
Project objective: The main research objective was to conduct a qualitative research assessment of Social Capital in Georgia, the findings and recommendations of which was the basis for a conference which was held in Tbilisi in December 2010. After the conference blueprints/ideas were provided for projects to be implemented by GOG or international donors' agencies starting in 2011.   
Research design: CRRC took a closer look at the activities of local groups and associations in the specific areas of interest:  
1. Agricultural associations  
2. Condominium associations  
3. Parent-teacher associations  
4. Partnership among local communities, regional media and local governments  
5. Stakeholders sharing the management of natural resources 
6. Various health-related societies and support groups 
Six focus groups and 42 in-depth interviews were conducted with association leaders, donors and experts.

Output: Briefing Paper and Final Report.